Alien or No Alien? Know all the mysterious facts and secrets about Area51

Alien or No Alien? Know all the mysterious facts and secrets about Area51.Let’s unfold facts related to it

Ever wondered about aliens living on earth? If yes then maximum conspiracy theories of Alien existence always end at Area51. Yes! You guessed it right. There are so many theories of alien at Area51, Nevada of the United States. Many people believe that Alien lives there and it is a place for researching them.  So Alien or no alien, let’s move towards the mysterious facts


1.The name Area51 is derived from 1950’s Nevada Test Site Maps.


2. It referred as  Groom Lake.

3. Area51’s nickname is Dreamland.

4. Area51 has a runway of 8500 foot.

5. To accommodate a plane 38400 acres of land was withdrawn from public access.

area51 fkying

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6. It has steak night once a week.

7.Conspiracy theory of moon landing was staged

8. UFOs are Real?

9. UFO sightings myth or truth?

10. Credible observers?


11. UFO Reports

12. A-12 OXCART required special fuel.

13. The OXCART cruised at 2200 miles per hour.

14. It consited more than 90% Titanium

area51 nevada

15. A-12 Spy was used

16. Engine acted as Vaccum.



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