Dear Monday! Towards the positive outlook of Monday.

Most people would dread to go to work on Monday. “Monday blues”, “Monday Horror”, “I can’t, Monday” are seldom used by people to show their remorse, their hatred for Monday. A simple sentence rather two words when put together can bring enormous horror to a peaceful being. What are they? You guessed it! “Tomorrow’s Monday”!

I have people around me who are dreading thinking of Monday since Sunday. The act of being crestfallen starts from Sunday per se, lasts until Thursday but the peak of sadness is always on Mondays. What about me? Well, people would say that you are no different. Indeed. I am no different. I’m an adult, working woman doing a regular 9 to 5 job (it’s 8 to 4:30 actually). However, I DON’T ever dread or feel utmost sadness thinking about Monday or going to the office on Mondays. I’m an angel? Nope.

I just have a positive outlook and a good mindset. It’s all about the mindset, trust me! I believe in looking forward. Very important. LOOKING FORWARD, to things, to moments, to a brighter future, to a joyous life and that, amigos, is my secret.
I’ve made up mind, yes! When I first started working, I had to wake up at 6:15 am in the morning because my workplace is an hour drive. I was NEVER a morning person, I’m still not a morning person. I wake up at the exact same time from Monday to Friday but on weekends- oh, don’t even ask.

My idea is to always skip the part which you don’t like and LOOK FORWARD to the part you like and that will give you the zeal to skip, will excite you and help you to look over the part that upsets you. I don’t like waking up in the morning, especially when it’s winter. When I’m snuggled in my warm, fluffy comforters, sleeping so soundly, the fact that I’m having such a good sleep that I don’t feel anything else but a huge deal of comfort.

So cozy with my faux fur round pillow tightly embraced with both my hands, with my both toes intertwined and my socks keeping my feet even warmer, when the outside temperature is freezing and low and in minus (I live in the Midwest, you can imagine). I don’t like every time my alarm rings in the morning, there are at least 5-6 of them that I stop before I finally wake up at the final alarm. Every day I would wish If I could delay this alarm for ‘just 5 more minutes. Relatable? You bet.
If you’re one of those adults who fear Monday to the death then please listen to my short horror story- ‘You have to do this for the next 25 years of your life, at least.’ How long are you going to dread going to work every Monday or any weekday, huh?! Take my piece of advice- don’t overthink or just don’t think at all. Here a very clichéd thing to say – Go with the flow but it remains so powerful in my eye. If you must do something for a very long period of your life, then why to get upset over it every day.

Try to look over it, try to find the next best thing you like during the day. I started skipping the part to even think of waking up in the morning, I started to think of the only time once I’m at the office, drinking my coffee which will help me to instantly get rid of the sleepiness. Afterwards, I’m excited about my lunch break, although it’s half an hour, I look forward to it. Half hour of utter relaxation when I eat and listen to my book (Yes listen, Audibles. It’s 21st century, come on!) then alas, I look forward to the time I’ll be home and have my tea.

I count for all the time that I will have at my disposal once I’m home. Enough time to binge watch something, to go workout, to take a nap, dine with friends and finally to a long slumber again until the very next bright day. I, very happily, will listen to music, burrow myself with work and delightful music as I wait for clock to turn 4:30, I say I wait but not literally just looking to the watch constantly but very peacefully humming to the song and working and day dream every now and then, pretty often and even before I realize, I get my colleagues message on skype saying ‘Let’s go’. For your information, I carpool with her.
Soon, we’ll hit the road.
This is my dear mindset. My ‘oh so beautiful’ positive outlook. I’ve shared with you all. Embrace it.

pallavi Chauhan

One thought on “Dear Monday! Towards the positive outlook of Monday.

  1. Excellent article thanks for sharing.

    Positive outlook is great but a monkey trying to swim won’t help unless It’s Ceaser from Planet of Apes.

    Money/Muscle Making Monday for me, in any case or day prepare for worst case and visualise success through it. Walk over the talk instead of finding excuses, just do it. How? Give yourself 5 seconds, deep breath and go get what you worth.

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