Himanshi Khurana blocks Instagram Accounts for Giving Opinions and delete Comments

The Internet is a place where anyone can speak their minds, multiple minds give multiple opinions so there can be a difference of opinions. Now that Social Media provides a way to interact with celebrities, people now the real faces of celebrities based on how they interact.

One of the Celebrity figures is Himanshi Khurana, just like everyone I supported her too in her controversy with Shehnaaz. But after seeing her real self on Bigboss, she now only seem like a Real-Life Villain and also totally fake. P.S. Shehnaaz has turned into my favorite with her humble and down to earth nature.

But on the other hand, Himanshi is a PR in herself, people need PR to promote them but HImanshi does not need that as she keeps promoting herself and her flaws and only promotes herself. On her Instagram as well I have never seen her promoting any other actor or actress work which is very unlikely of Pollywood. Shehnaaz can be seen constantly promoting many newcomers or established ones like Karan Aujla, Ammy Virk, etc.

While she was in Bigboss, people came to know her reality of Himanshi being a Mean and arrogant and selfish girl, also she used Asim for creating an angle and staying in the show and the same could be seen in her Instagram comment section.

So coming to the point, when I commented on her Instagram that she only promotes herself, she was quick to block my page, which was a Business Instagram account. Though I heard that Himanshi always deletes all the negative comments from her account, she does promotes herself. You can see on her Twitter handle as well that she keeps retweeting some 10 – 20 people’s tweets about how good she is. Coming back to the main topic, so yeah she blocked me and just to let people know how she blocks people whose opinion is different. I commented on the same post that she blocks users and delete comments. She again block the personal account.

This really made me thought that she is not what she pretends. People are mad over celebrity but Himanshi Khurana is a sole example of Selfish and Self Obsessed Celebrity.



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