How to Earn Money from WordPress Website | 2019

I have seen that most of the people remain unaware of the fact that you can make money from your WordPress Website. If you are also unaware, then just remain curious as I will show now start showing How to Earn Money from WordPress Website using Google AdSense.

Okay! Now you must be thinking What is Google AdSense?

I have written a detailed post on what is Google AdSense. You can check that out from the below link:

Earn Money by Monetizing your Website with Google AdSense

Now coming back to how to earn money from WordPress Website. From the above link, you will know all the essential initial step to make Money.

Once you have reached to the below step:

Copy the Google AdSense Code to paste into your Website

Then your WordPress Website or Blog will come into the picture. Now all you have to do is paste the code from Google AdSense into your WordPress Website. But you must be thinking how? Don’t worry! I will show you all how you can paste the code into your WordPress Website.

There are 3 ways in which you can paste the AdSense code into your WordPress Website. They are :

  1. Using Plugins
  2. Genesis or StudioPress Theme
  3.  Editing Code

Now let me show you in detail about all the above options:

1. Using Plugin

This the first step showing How to Earn Money from WordPress Website. I find this option as the easiest way to insert Google AdSense code Snippet in your WordPress Site, I have also used this option on my Website. Many WordPress plugins let you do it. But I am going to list down the top 3 plugins that you can use for pasting Google AdSense code snippet into your WordPress website.

Ad Inserter Pro – WordPress ad management plugin

Make Money from Your WordPress Website Through Google AdSense

Advance Ads Plugin for WordPress

Insert Header and Footer Plugin

You can choose any of the above plugins to use in your WordPress Website.  Let me know if you would like a post on how to activate these plugins or how to use them. For now, refer to their guide from the plugin download pages to activate them.

2.Using Theme

If you are using Genesis or StudioPress themes then adding Google AdSense Code into the <head> tags of your Website becomes much easier. These themes provide you inbuilt functionality of adding the code into your website without much hassle.

Let me show you how you can place copied Google AdSense code into your Website through any Genesis or StudioPress Theme.

After activating the Theme on Your WordPress Website.

Go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings to access the header/footer scripts settings as shown below:

Make Money from Your WordPress Website Through Google AdSense

Next, click Header/Footer Scripts.

Make Money from Your WordPress Website Through Google AdSense

Finally, enter the ad code snippet in the Header Scripts box and then click Publish.

3. Editing Code

I would only recommend this option if you are very good at handling PHP code because a single mistake can mess up your site. Also if you are choosing this option to copy Google AdSense code into your WordPress Website then I would suggest you to use a child theme, using a child theme will ensure that your original site does not get affected by the change and you can happily earn money from your WordPress Website

But if you would still want to go ahead without using a Child Theme. Then below are the instructions to do so.

1.Login into WordPress Dashboard —> Click onto the Appearance tab on the left hand and then—> Click on the Theme Editor Option from it as shown below:


Edit Theme footer copyright content-Ekosmo


Edit and Change Theme Footer Copyright Content in Newspaper Lite WordPress Theme in Just 4 Steps

2. Once you will click on the Theme Editor option. You will be navigated to the Theme Editor Screen–> On this screen—> Click on the Theme Header option and paste your Google AdSense code between the <head> tags and —->Click on the Update option as shown below:

Make Money from Your WordPress Website Through Google AdSense








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