Is Bigboss 13 Biased towards Rashmi Desai?

Bigboss season 13 has become the hit season in terms of TRP. This season is creating history in all ways, whether we talk about the violence in the house, injuries or bring back almost all the evicted contestants. This season is unique in its own way.

The contestant of this season are unique as well. All of them find themselves correct and keep saying each other the same things that they themselves do. Salman tried a lot to get them in shape but they will not understand anything and that was clearly seen in last weekend ka vaar.

Okay! Enough Said about BB13, now let get to the point. From the beginning of the bigboss season 13, Rashmi Desai can only be seen fighting with Siddhartha Shukla and is only visible on the television because of that as we clearly noticed that! As when Salman scolded Rashmi about the same and she stopped fighting with Siddhartha Shukla, she was nowhere to found on the television.

But! one thing Rashmi Desai has been complaining about since the start is that Bigboss is biased towards Siddhartha Shukla. Okay! I do not know why she says that, if she thinks the audience will get influenced by her statement and if she thinks we are a fool then we are not!.

Rashmi Desai became more vocal about the biasedness towards Siddhartha when Bigboss gave power to Shukla for nominating contestants. Rashmi was reacting as if this has never happened in any of the seasons. But for her information and for viewers as well this has happened in many seasons. OKay. I am not Siddhartha’s lawyer but let me explain to you by following points that Yes! Bigboss 13 is biased towards Rashmi Desai and not Siddhartha Shukla like some people believe.

  1. Rashmi and Siddhartha’s fights were shown at another level to make Rashmi Desai visible.

  2. Rashmi was evicted but Bigboss brought her back.

  3. Bigboss not only brought Rashmi back but also her so-called bestie Devoleena.

  4. When Rashmi was not visible then they brought her Boyfriend Arhaan as a wildcard to increase her screentime.

  5. ¬†After Arhaan’s eviction, Rashmi again was not visible at all, so Bigboss asked her to create Romance video with Siddhartha to again increase her screen time in Bigboss 13.

  6. To not show obvious biasedness towards Rashmi, Bigboss also asked Mahira and Vishal to make a video. But only aired promo of Rashmi and Siddhartha on a very hyped level.

  7. Even after all this Rashmi’s presence was negligible. So Bigboss called her boyfriend Arhaan back in Bigboss 13 and again not to show biasedness towards Rashmi, they not only brought Arhaan but Shefali Bagga as well.

  8. Arhaan’s proposal was still not making headlines in TRP of Bigboss 13. So another angle of Arhaan’s child was brought in Bigboss13 to again increase Rashmi’s presence onscreen.

  9. It was done to such an extent that Saturday Weekend ka Vaar Episode was all about Sympathy to Rashmi.

And after all this, Rashmi says Bigboss is biased towards Siddhartha Shukla. Like Seriously? Are you kidding me?


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