Priyanka Chopra is Pregnant! Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are soon to be Parents.

and was one of the laviest wedding among Bollywood Celebrities. Just after Priyanka got married to Nick Jonas, many rumours was doing the round about Priyanka’s pregnancy but none of them ever got confirmed and that is because Priyanka Chopra was never pregnat during those times.

I have recently noticed that Priyanka is away from Social Media and she has shown her presence on Instagram a lot. But from recent times, there have been few or know posts, stories or videos on Priyanka Chopra’s instagram and that is very unlikely of Priyanka Chopra as she likes socializing a lot.

What caught my attention is Priyanka Chopra’s recent Instagram post where she can be seen celebrating Christmas and posting pictures of the same. But as soon as I saw Nick JOnas’s chritmas post, I got to know the reason why Priyanka Chopra has been away from social media. Yes! Yes! You got it right. Priyanka Chopra is soon to be mothe and how do I claim that? Well see the below images.

You can see in below images that both Nick and Priyanka has shared the same photographs but what caught my attention is while Nick has shared a full photograph where Priyanka’s Baby Bump can be easily seen. However Priyanka has cropped that image quite well.

Priyanka Chopra is Pregnant


The same scenario can be seen in another picture they shared (see below)

soon to be father Nick jonas

And the same can be seen clearly in below image as well.

mother to be Priyanka Chopra




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