Latest PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks | Full Guide | Become a Pro player in just 5 Minutes

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks :

Without wasting any time lets focus on the main part about PUBG Mobile tips and tricks. Crack your knuckles if you are tired therefor your hands should feel light. Below are the top tips you should keep in mind to become a pro-PUBG Mobile player. Since I am considering you as a beginner so first things first :

What is PUBG?

PUBG Mobile is known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is firstly released on 09th February 2018. PUBG mobile is a single and multiplayer game depending upon the model you choose to play. Example: Solo, Duo, Squad. There are over 50 million PUBG mobile players. it’s not at all easy to get that chicken dinner. So if you are a beginner, We have a full guide for you that will help you to get way ahead of your friends who just started playing PUBG with you.

“The more PUBG Mobile tips and tricks you know, the more you practice, the better player you will become”. Now

Tips for Basic Setup for PUBG Mobile:


PUBG Mobile gives you four options from which you can choose any or multiple. Options are as follows: Guest, Facebook, Google Play or Twitter. You can play as a Guest if you don’t have any social account but you will lose all your data and progress for that particular account if you change your device. So choose wisely as if you select Facebook, Google or Twitter you have to link your account with your PUBG Mobile account and it will sync your data. So we suggest you to link a social account which has less data to sync with your gaming account otherwise when you will play on slow network conditions you will face lag in-game.

PUBG Moblie game lobby 2019
PUBG Moblie game lobby 2019

Phone storage and Ram:

Let’s assume you have all the skills and very good reflexes but your phone processor is slow. What will happen? PUBG Mobile is played globally and there are many players with average skills and high-end devices. So while taking fights with them your shots will not be registered at the same rate there will be.

Tricks to solve this problem are free up space by removing unwanted files and applications you don’t need anymore. Stop all applications running in the background. You can use apps available at Google play store to automatic RAM management on your phone.


Use Wi-Fi over Mobile data as having a good connection with PUBG servers help you playing with lag-free experience. More stable network you have more good your ping will be. If your ping is high your shots will not get register. What we mean by this if you hit your enemies 12 bullets on a ping of above 500ms, only 2-3 bullets damage will be get counted while you will take normal damage and die easily. With a very good network, you can get ping like 20MS 30MS.

Headphones selection for PUBG Mobile:

We highly recommend to use good quality Headphones to play PUBG Mobile as there are legendary in-game sound effects. As a result, It will help you to track enemies in close range to filter out from which direction this sound is coming.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for Basic Lobby Setup:

When you open PUBG Mobile the first page where all the options for Start gaming appear is called lobby. Here are all the functions like Settings, Game mode, Player profile, Clan details, Crew details, Friends, Region details, Rewards, Royal pass information, Crates, shop, inventory, etc.

PUBG Mobile Graphics:

The first thing you need to set up in your lobby for smooth Gameplay of PUBG Mobile is Graphics. Higher the graphics will help you to see better but battery consumption will increase and the device will start heating. Which will impact your performance if you play continuously for a longer duration. We recommend you play on Smooth graphics with a high or medium frame rate depending upon your device. Select Auto adjust graphics option on which will reduce the graphics if your phone heat up or start lagging.

PUBG Moblie how to set best graphics 2019
PUBG Moblie how to set best graphics 2019


Frame Rate:

Higher the frame rate better the PUBG Mobile will run.  Tap to settings configuration then basic then select graphics there you find frame rate option. If you have a low end mobile select frame rate to medium and on high-end phone select frame rate option to High. What we mean to say is 60FPS is better than 20FPS.

PUBG Mobile how to set frame rate 2019
PUBG Mobile how to set frame rate 2019


PUBG Mobile games concept is based on real-life scenarios. This option is available below the Graphics option. Shadows will help you Spot enemies easily if they are taking TPP in front of you. This function only works when you or the enemy is open to the sun. It doesn’t work in when the weather is dynamic or you are in a building or under shadow.


Go to setting configurations and tap on the Scope option. Here are several options to customize crosshair color, Crosshair type. Crosshair is the dot or plus sign which helps you to put your cursor on an enemy while playing PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Moblie how to set crosshair 2019
PUBG Moblie how to set crosshair 2019

Aim Assist:

It’s very difficult to aim at a touch screen phone when playing PUBG Mobile as compare to Emulator or PC. So aim assist automatically divert your bullet towards the enemy body. Hence if you are not pro and have a bad aim please turn aim assist on in basic settings.

PUBG Mobile how to set aim assist 2019
PUBG Mobile how to set aim assist 2019


90% of the PUBG Mobile players don’t use Gyroscope. So what gyroscope does? It helps you to aim using the motion sensor and rotating your phone as we do for Racing games. You can Aim with moving your phone rather than using the joystick.  Basically, gyroscope has two modes ‘Always on and Scope on’. Therefore we suggest you to play with Gyroscope Always ON mode. So this will improve your aiming and reflexes in a very natural way as we do while playing video games using a controller.

Go to Settings > Basics > Gyroscope > Always-on/Scope on/Off

how to enable gyroscope 2019
how to enable gyroscope 2019

PUBG Mobile Character Selection:

Select female character over male as female character has less width as compared to males. So it will help in hiding behind small cover and the enemy will get less part of your body to hit.

PUBG Mobile Clothes selection:

Although fancy dress will help your character to look more attractive but your enemies will spot you easily while you were prone in the grass or trying to ambush. So keep in mind always wear clothes according to the map you are playing so you can camouflage easily with nearby objects. Find gillie suit in airdrops, wearing those it will be very difficult to spot you easily for enemies.

Audio settings:

Reduce the in-game speaker and microphone volumes so that your teammate’s voice will not distract you in hearing sounds. Increase Master Volume, It helps in easily hearing nearby footprints or prone enemy sounds approaching towards you. You can easily track from which direction the enemy is coming and kill them in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Moblie how to best audio setting 2019
PUBG Moblie how to best audio setting 2019

PUBG Mobile Tips for Controls:

Basic controls:

” Better the control better you will play”

Just don’t copy the control setting of any PUBG Mobile pro player. Try to find out the best control settings for yourself. It depends upon many factors like your mobile screen size, your finger size, playing on mobile or Ipad. You can easily change these settings using the “Customise” option in settings. Change the button size, buttons location, transparency according to your preference. Don’t just change the control and jump into the game, Practice these new controls in training mode for a while.

PUBG Mobile how to set controls
PUBG Mobile how to set controls

Two Thumbs or Four Finger Claw controls:

PUBG Mobile basic settings are for playing with Two thumbs but you can change control as per your preference. If your Mobile screen size is big enough you can start playing Four finger claw. Basically playing PUBG Mobile with four finger claw players use two thumbs plus index fingers. Hence it will help you to improve reaction time. You will have better control over more buttons at the same time as compare to someone playing with two thumbs. So the best Tip is play using Four finger claw along with Gyroscope always on.

claw control setup
claw control setup

Basic setting button in controls Tips:

In PUBG Mobile below are the basic have to have setting Tips :

1.Enable Auto open door option

2. Peek and Fire option enable

3. Peek and open scope enable

4. Climb and jump different

5. Auto adjust graphics on

6. Display left side fire button always on

7. Turn off the vehicle music

8. Healing prompt enable

9. Peek option mixed(Hold to lean/Tap to lean)

10. Play emotes enable or disable depends upon your preference

See below screen print for reference

PUBG Mobile basic settings guide
PUBG Mobile basic settings guide


PUBG Mobile Game Modes :


In Classic mode you can choose any map from the below given list :

  1. Erangel
  2. Miramar
  3. Sanhok
  4. Vikendi

Play Mode:

You can play in Solo, Duo and Squad mode. These option will easily found under the map section. You can also play these modes in TPP or FPP . TPP is third person perspective and FPP is first person perspective. Ranking is done seperately for both the modes, so you can select any depending upon your preference.

PUBG Mobile Classic mode:

To get real PUBG Mobile experience select this mode. Every classic game has a total of 100 players. It will take 25-35 min to get a chicken dinner. Players can play classic games in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Difficulty will increase in these classic modes depending upon player ranking or the highest ranking of player teammates.

PUBG Mobile Arcade mode:

Player can select any from a total 4 Arcade modes : Quick Match, Sniper Training, Mini Zone and War mode. These four are not available on same day except weekends. So player can selet from a pair one day and from another pair next day.

War mode:

In war mode is a battle in which team scoring 100 points first in squad mode will win the game. Each kill will give player 3 points, every revive 1 point and every knock 1 point. Playing is duo players have to score 60 points and in Solo player need to score 40 points. player will respawn unlimed time till any team win. War mode is limited to only single wepon type selection from SMG, AR or Bolt action. Player can loot airdrops to have better supplies.

Quick Match:

This is the first arcade mode introduced by PUBG Mobile with 8 min duration. This Mode is best to improve your your classic mode strategies.

Sniper Training:

This is the best mode to practice for long range fights using Bolt action or DMR(Marksman rifels). Every game in this mode is 15 minute long.

Mini Zone:

Mini-zone is the smaller version of Classic Erangel map with same number of 100 players. Game will last for 25 min and you can play as solo, duo or in squads. Mini zone is the best arcade mode in PUBG Mobile for players who love playing rush games.


This mode was released to introduce partnership of PUBG Mobile and Resident evil. Evoground also has four modes like classic and arcade mode.

Zombie: Darkest night:

In this mode players has to fight against zombies and enemies till the last man standing alive. Zombie came out in hordes when its dark and start attacking players fearlessly.

Zombie: Survive till dawn 2:

In thi mode players have to survive till two darknights. All players serviving for 2 nights will win.


TDM is known as team death match mode. Basically this mode is similar to COD(Call of duty) 4v4 mode. In this mode players are devided into Blue and Red two teams. Therefore team which score 40kills first will be declared as winner. Player can respawn unlimited times till one team wins.

Advance Bonus PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks :

1. PUBG Mobile Sensitivity:

A simple mistake players make is that they improve there aim but fail to control guns recoil in PUBG Mobile. So they don’t know what is the best sensitivity option available for them. Hence little to up and little to less sensitivity will make your Aim weak and will let you die. So That’s the reason why the PUBG Mobile team has given the option of customizing sensitivity control options.

  Tips  and Tricks to adjust sensitivity :

If you want to control recoil in PUBG Mobile the best way to do it is practice. Yes! do not just install and start taking fights in games. Have some practice in training mode, which will help you learn how to quickly aim and control recoil while firing. Do practice with different weapons available in PUBG Mobile training mode.

 How it will help :

Hence it will help to know which are the best guns depending upon your device and how much sensitivity needed. So what we suggest is to play it with high sensitivity if your phone has 4GB ram. If it’s less than 4GB use medium sensitivity else you will die due to frame drops most of the time.

Open PUBG Mobile game> Goto settings>sensitivity> choose sensitivity depending upon your device.

2. Peek and fire:

PUBG Mobile doesn’t enable the peek fire button by default as other buttons. We have listed Peek and fire option here because it helps you to control recoil while firing. When you fire while peeking it helps you to use less ADS to control recoil with thumb. Peek and fire also helps you to avoid getting headshots in close range fights because what players do in PUBG Mobile is that they AIM for the head which is the basic human tendency. So if you peek suddenly they will defiantly miss some shots which will help you to kill them.

Peek option also helps you to fire in long-range or doing sniping while staying in cover with good control. Peek option will help you to hide your 90% of the body behind the wall and any cover. So it will not be easy for your enemies to aim at you.

tips and tricks peek
tips and tricks peek


You can also peek behind any object and use throwable items in the game like grenades, smoke, flash hider, and Molotov.

peek and throw
peek and throw

3. Crouch and Going prone:

Tips while playing PUBG Mobile is that doing crouch and going prone. In close range fights, it will work as a surprise for your enemies and they will get difficulty in aim. How it will work in close range as soon as your enemy opens there scope(we call it “turning ADS on” in terms of PUBG Mobile) for better accuracy you will get out of the line of sight of there fire and you can kill them easily. Don’t worry we will also write about the close-range combat in full details. This is to give you a brief idea about how these things work in PUBG Mobile. Crouch and Prone fire also helps you in taking long-range fights as it reduces recoil for guns. Our suggestion is you should crouch or prone when you have to spray auto guns in long-range.

crouch and fire
crouch and fire

Prone and fire
Prone and fire

This is all for this Blog “PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks” I hope you guys like it. please share your feedback and comments and do let us know what you feel about this.


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